Product development and co-development of silicone parts

Technical support with product design and feasibility

Peristaltikpumpenschlauch Simulation | RICO

Your design is important to us

We provide precisely the level of support you require

No matter whether you


  • approach us with a drawing of or a rough idea for your component;
  • simply require support with the choice of material or only have details on the function of your component;
  • have already worked with silicone or not.

We work with you to find a solution, providing technical support with product design and regarding the feasibility of your silicone and multi-component parts.


Full or co-development


If required, we can provide end-to-end assistance, starting with the initial idea, but we are also happy to work as a co-developer or development partner for individual aspects of the design. Close collaboration with our customers, suppliers and other in-house departments allows RICO’s R&D unit to fall back on a comprehensive materials and knowledge database .


Our customers benefit from our employees’ decades of experience , collected in the course of the numerous projects successfully implemented since 1994, as well as the continuous improvement of our mold concepts and production processes.

Our production development services

Wide-ranging materials expertise


  • In-house materials lab
  • Support with the selection of suitable materials for both 1K and 2K molding
  • Mechanical characterization of materials
  • Reverse engineering of unfamiliar but suitable material combinations


Optimization and analysis


  • Component validation for compliance with a range of different standards and guidelines
  • Analysis to determine the causes of component failure
  • Optimizing part geometry in terms of function and production: evaluation of technical feasibility and efficiency in the production process; support with tolerance setting and production in accordance with blueprints


Experiments and tests


  • Jointly coordinated preliminary tests, e.g. testing potential material combinations, tightness, flow rates, etc.



  • Filling simulations
  • Thermal multi-cycle analysis
  • FEM calculations




  • Component development support right through to component design
  • Help with choosing suitable external testing labs
  • Support with the selection of applicable ancillary processes, e.g. for surface activation
  • Production of prototypes in genuine LSR materials and different colors
  • Evaluation of subsequent processing steps and gaining insights into the customer’s overall concepts; integration of functions if required
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