Mold production and automation


The right system for every application


Production and automation of one- and multi-component molds for processing liquid silicone rubber (LSR), solid high temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber (HCR) and manufacturing multi-component products (2K or more).

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Comprehensive service

from a technology leader

As a full-service partner, we support you right from the start of the development phase. With over 25 years experience in producing high quality molds, RICO can help you to implement production-focused improvements in part design and provide you with customized multi-component molds.

As a leading producer of multi-component molds, RICO has a reputation for meeting strict requirements for sophisticated applications, coupled with very low tolerances.

58% of our customers report that they were able to achieve savings thanks to the quality of RICO molds.

RICO customer satisfaction survey, May 2018

The benefits of RICO molds


  • Outstanding quality of injection molded parts: RICO molds produce your parts with minimal flash, zero waste and without the need for additional finishing steps.
  • Large number of cavities and master mold concept for reduced set-up times.
  • All-round maintenance: As a RICO customer, you can rely on first-class, after-sale service. We offer mold maintenance and can supply you with replacement and standard parts.
  • End-to-end automation solutions: We provide services that go beyond traditional mold production, providing our customers with finely-tuned automation solutions aligned with their individual needs and product specifications.
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What is a cavity?

The word ‘cavity’ is used in mold manufacturing. It refers to the hollow section of a mold, in which the product takes shape in the desired form and with the required surface structure, by means of a process called injection. ‘256 cavity’ means that 256 injection-molded parts can be produced during a single injection cycle.

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