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User-friendly silicone and multi-component products for visible and hidden applications in the household and sanitary industry.



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High standards

for textures and surfaces

Many silicone components used in the sanitary and household sector are part of everyday life. Most of the time they are hidden from view, but visible parts made from silicone or a combination of materials are particularly common in the sanitary product industry.


Silicone is a popular choice in the sanitary and household industry, and also effective – its properties are ideally suited to a whole range of applications.


The high standards required for the textures and surfaces of visible parts mean that the utmost precision is essential when producing molds and components. We also use multi-component injection molding to meet such requirements.

Advantages of silicone in sanitary and household applications:


  • Tasteless and odorless
  • High temperature resistance and outstanding low-temperature flexibility
  • Strong resistance to alcohol, polar solvents and weak acids

Product examples

Silicone and multi-component manufacturing


  • Sealing components and filters for sanitary systems
  • Components for kitchen devices
  • Spray pattern components for shower heads and hand showers
  • Visible and functional parts
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