LSR and HCR parts

Injection molded parts made from liquid (LSR) and solid-high-temperature-vulcanizing (HCR) silicone

Mann mit gelben Einzeladerdichtungen in den Händen, Teile fallen aus den Händen

RICO manufactures molded parts made from liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and solid high temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber (HCR) in large volumes. We produce billions of units every year using fully-automated production methods.


We began producing injection molds for silicone parts in 1994. Production has been based at our Thalheim site since 2009. Production runs continuously 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But only our machines work at night. Read more about our unmanned production.

We only produce parts according to our customers’ specifications. RICO can also manufacture multi-component parts featuring a combination of silicone and other materials.


We currently produce parts for the automotive, healthcare and life science, sanitary and household, and industrial sectors.

How you benefit


  • Top-quality injection molded parts: We use our molds to produce injection molded parts with minimal flash, no waste and without the need for additional finishing steps.
  • Large number of cavities: RICO can produce single-component injection molded parts with up to 256 cavities.
  • High degree of automation: This is key to maintaining our outstanding quality standards.
  • Outstanding efficiency due to excellent mold availability: Thanks to sophisticated mold concepts, planned maintenance and the very highest industrial production standards.
RICO Spritzgussproduktion von oben

Silicone injection molding at RICO

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