Clean room production

High-tech plastics injection molding in clean room environments

Menschen arbeiten im Reinraum | RICO

Clean environment – flawless results

ISO class 7 and 8 certification


With the support of the global services provided by members of the RICO GROUP, we offer production of 1K and multi-component injection molded parts in clean room environments. RICO GROUP companies SIMTEC and SILCOPLAST both have ISO class 7 and 8 clean rooms.

These facilities are mainly used to produce silicone and multi-component parts for the medical technology sector, as well as electronics products that require strictly controlled hygienic environments. We complete the entire injection molding process in the clean rooms, including injection, component assembly, post curing, washing and packing.

What is the idea behind DIN ISO class 7 and 8 certification?

DIN ISO 7 and 8 are cleanliness classes which form part of the certification of clean rooms in accordance with ISO 14644-1. The classification states that only a certain number of particles, graded by particle size, may be present per cubic meter of air in the clean room.


Limit value (particles per cubic meter) for particles equal or greater than ...

Extract for ISO classes 7 and 8

ISO class 0,5 µm  1,0 µm  5 µm
ISO 7 352.000 83.200 2.930
ISO 8 3.520.000 832.000 29.300
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