Custom automation solutions for the injection molding process

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Tailored precisely to your requirements

From the injection molding process through to the packed finished part



Highly automated processes are essential for the injection molding of silicone parts. RICO will provide you with a mold together with a fully customized automation solution. We will tailor all automation steps and downstream processes to your individual needs.


If you carry out further processing steps that must take place on your premises, we’d like to find out about them. Our automation solutions can eliminate the need for additional assembly and delivery preparation steps. We can automate production every step of the way, from the injection molding process right through to packing of the finished parts.



RICO’s automation solutions:

Upstream processes


  • Supply systems: feeding, conveying and supply of components
  • Insert pre-treatment – surface activation and pre-warming


Insertion and removal systems


  • Individual handling grippers (with component monitoring)
  • Rotary handling
  • Ejector handing
  • Gripping head
  • Linear handling and six-axis robots


Automatic inline testing equipment


  • Vision inspection (camera checking)
  • Tightness checking
  • Flow-rate measurement
  • Part measurement

Part marking


  • Labelling
  • Laser marking
  • Pad printing
  • Continuous inkjet printing


Positioning and buffering systems


  • Individual nest separation
  • Material handling – conveyor belts, roller conveyors, etc.
  • Box dispenser
  • Automated packaging solutions

Automation at RICO

Our automation solutions enable you to implement end-to-end monitoring and checking for every single injection molded part throughout the process.

Bernhard Radner, Automation