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Production of customized injection molded silicone parts


RICO can produce silicone parts using one- and multi-component injection molding technology. We produce billions of units every year.

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Injection molded silicone parts

from LARGE to small

RICO produces one- and multi-component injection molded parts. We manufacture billions of units for a range of different industries every year, using our own injection molding machines featuring automatic materials supply, state-of-the-art post curing furnaces, and machine-level, centralized quality assurance, as well as in clean production environments.


All of the parts we produce are customized according to our customers’ individual specifications – and can be completely bespoke.

Certified industry standards and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, such as mobile monitoring of machinery using control console systems, enable us to produce elastomer parts with minimal flash, no waste and without the need for additional finishing steps. Our extensive development experience, in-house laboratory and mold production department, sophisticated automation systems and precise coordination of all manufacturing steps provide the foundations for fully automated 24-hour production.


Medical components usually need to be manufactured under specific hygienic conditions. Production in clean rooms and hygienic environments is offered by RICO and other members of the RICO GROUP.

As far as we know, there are no other companies in our industry using unmanned night shifts for production.

Markus Nuspl, RICO Managing Director

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Precise coordination with the day-time processes is essential

Unmanned automated production at night


  • RICO’s injection molding production lines run 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Between 6pm and 6am, we use unmanned production – no members of staff are on hand.
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