Your first-choice development partner


Product and production-process development for the manufacturing of silicone and multi-component injection molded parts.

Simulation Silikon Lupe

Your first-choice development partner

RICO can carry out all the development work for your silicone or multi-component parts. Or you can select the individual elements you would like us to complete, with RICO playing a co-development role, such as material selection, simulations or bonding tests.


The goal is always to bring your part to production readiness, which means our expertise also encompasses production-process development.

Put simply, we are the experts and your first point of contact when it comes to production of your silicone and multi-component parts. Whatever your requirements.


At RICO, we process liquid and solid silicones. Read more about the material properties and applications of LSR and HCR.

Person hat Flüssiges Silikon in der Hand