Mold-specific electric rotor handling


For exacting requirements

in precision, speed and sound volume


Electric or servo-handling is top of the range when it comes to handling systems. It is mainly used with delicate components that require a high degree of process stability. RICO’s electric handling systems are geared towards the specific mold used, meaning they are perfectly adapted to the customer’s mold.

RICO has been producing molds for silicone and multiple-component injection molding for more than 25 years, and produces billions of parts at its volume-production facilities every year. The constant drive to install more efficient and precise systems paved the way for the enhancement of the handling systems.


“We've been using pneumatic handling successfully for many years. The systems work well, but air is one of the most expensive substances in our day-to-day operations. Compared with air, electricity is far cheaper, and that’s why electric handling is more cost-effective in the long run,” explains RICO’s Technical Director Roland Angerer. 


Precise and fast

RICO only uses mold-specific aluminum rotor handling. The systems are positioned and adjusted in full accordance with the respective customer’s mold, making it far more precise than standard brush handling. The servo-handling system features distance measuring equipment, so it can be directed precisely to certain positions in the mold and moved directly to the cavities.


Variable speed control is another major advantage, as Angerer explains: “Very stable and rapid movement of the electric rotor handling system – when removing parts, for instance – enables shorter cycle times. What’s more, we can tell the system specifically to move quickly or slowly, depending on the process concerned.”

Compact, autonomous and network-enabled

RICO’s all-in-one rotor handling system (the handling system and control cabinet are fitted on the mold together) is a highly compact solution. The electric handling systems operate fully autonomously, and there is no need for an external control cabinet. RICO’s handling systems are ideally suited to use with standard injection molding machines and fully compatible with brush interfaces.


As the handling equipment is mounted on the top of the mold, a user-friendly parameterization solution was also needed. Innovative, network-enabled operating concepts enable RICO’s technicians to carry out configuration on a company tablet, regardless of which machine they are using.


Customer requirements

“If a customer opts for a fully-electric, end-to-end system, we can offer the perfect add-on component in the shape of our servo-handling equipment,” Angerer points out. Some customers also have requirements regarding noise levels. And electric handling systems are virtually noise-free.